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digital advertising: types, benefits and more

Beginner’s Guide To Digital Advertising: Types and Benefits

According to 97Switch, most businesses devote either 26 to 50 percent of their overall marketing budgets to digital advertisement. This figure is shocking, right? Actually, in 2024 companies are which are investing in digital ads, making a lot of money compared. It is also very affordable compare to traditional advertisement. In this article, we will discuss everything about what is digital advertising and its benefits, process, platform, and many more.

What Is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertisement is a way for businesses to promote their products on the Internet. It uses different forms of media like text, images, videos, and graphics to catch people’s attention online when they are browsing the internet. 

Let’s understand the concept of digital advertisement with an example, just imagine that you have a new toy car and you want to tell all your friends about that car. Now, instead of telling people one by one, you can use digital ads to show the toy car to lots of people at once. This ad uses different forms of media to catch people’s attention on websites, apps, and social media. 

Now, we will explore how digital advertising works on the Internet, Imagine you have a toy store and you want to tell everyone about your store. Now, instead of telling the people manually or giving out flyers, you can use the internet to show your toy store to the people. 

In short, digital ads are like a magical megaphone that helps businesses reach the right people at the right time. Therefore people will know about your toy store online and will visit your website.

Benefits / Advantages Of Digital Advertising:

There are two types of advertising, one is traditional advertising and the other one is digital advertising. In traditional advertising, you will notice the uses of billboards and TV commercials, while in digital advertising you will see the uses of the internet and devices like phones, tablets, and computers. 

There are several benefits of digital advertising compared to traditional advertising, and here I mentioned some of the advantages of digital advertising

  • Reach Lots Of People: With the help of digital advertising companies can show their ads to people all over the world. In short digital advertising has more reach compared to traditional advertising. This way more customers can find your business. 
  • Choose Who See The Ads: In digital advertising companies can pick whom they want to show their ads and this is not possible in traditional advertising. For example, if a toy company wants to tell kids about their new toy then they can show the ad only to the kids and their parents. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: In comparison to the TV ads or radio ads the cost in digital advertising is very low. It is a huge advantage for companies because they can save a lot of money. 
  • Easy Changing: Companies can easily change the ad if an ad isn’t doing well. By using different fun facts and quizzes companies can make the ad more enjoyable. 
  • Track The Progress: Tracking is easy in digital ad compared to traditional advertising. In digital advertising companies can see how many people saw their ads and what they are doing such as buying a product or signing up for a newsletter.

These are the 5 major advantages digital advertising has compared to traditional ad.

Types Of Digital Advertising 

There are different types of digital advertising and each type has its own way of helping companies to talk with customers online. Here are some of the common types-

Search Engine Advertising

In this type of advertising, people see ads in the search engine when they type something in the search bar like Google. These ads look like regular search results but they have little “Ad level” next to the ads. According to data the market for this type of ad will reach US$ 306.50 billion in 2024.  

Social Media Advertising

These are the ads that you often see on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These ads look like normal posts but companies create these kinds of ads in the pictures, videos, and short stories mode.

Video Advertising

These are the ads that you will see when you watch a video on YouTube. These ads can be in a short commercial format or in a longer format that will tell you a story. Besides YouTube, you will see these ads on other video platforms like Snapchat. 

Display Advertising

These are the ads that you will see when you will visit a website, these ads are also called banner ads. These ads are in the form of pictures or videos and mostly these ads appear at the top or on the sides of web pages.

Email & Affiliate Advertising

In email advertising, you will get emails from companies that will tell you about their products or services. These emails might have special offers or coupons for you to use. 

Affiliate advertising is the way when a company pays other people or websites to promote their products. In this type of advertising, affiliates get commissions from the company. 

Influencer Advertising 

Influencer advertising can also be called influencer marketing. In this type of advertising companies work with popular people on social media to promote their promotions. The influencers can be famous persons or content creators who are known for making interesting content.

These are some of the popular digital advertising types that companies use to promote their products or services.

Digital Advertising Platforms (Business Model)

Cost Of Digital Advertising

Knowing the actual cost of digital advertising is very difficult because it depends on a lot of factors such as the type of service, the scale of the project, and the size of the company. Apart from that it also depends on location and other factors. 

However, on average the cost of digital advertising for small businesses is between 20000 rupees to 100000 rupees per month. Most digital marketing agencies are taking 20K to 40K per month for Facebook advertising, 10K to 30K per month for PPC, and 10K to 28K per month for YouTube advertisement.

How To Do Digital Advertising?

As a business owner if you do not have any knowledge about digital marketing then it’s better to hire an agency that can do digital advertising for your company. The digital marketing agency will plan the advertising for your company and implement the strategy. 

Here, I have mentioned all the digital advertising strategies that most companies follow: 

Digital Advertising Strategies 

To create a successful strategy for digital ad you need to plan carefully and consider the following steps: 

  • Define Your Goals: Firstly, you have to decide what you want to achieve with digital ad. Are you looking for brand awareness, drive traffic, or generate leads, if you have a clear goal then it will guide your advertising strategy. 
  • Target Audience: You have to think about which audience you want to reach with your ads. Thinking about their interest, demographics and online behavior will help you to tailor the ads properly. 
  • Choose the Right Channels: There are many places to advertise online such as websites, social media platforms, and search engines. You have to identify where your customers are spending most of the time and based on that you can choose the channel for digital advertising
  • Creating Ads: After choosing the channel you need to create compelling ads by using eye-catching visuals, engaging text, and strong CTA. The CTA (Call To Action) will tell people what you want them to do, such as ” Shop Now”, “Learn More” etc. 
  • Set The Budget: Next, you have to define your budget to decide how much you want to spend on your digital ad campaign. Based on your investment you will get the return. 
  • Test & Optimize: You can try different ad formats, headlines, images, and CTAs to see which one is performing well. You can also do A/B testing to improve your strategy. 
  • Track Performance: You can use analytics tools to monitor how your ads are performing. The track metrics like clicks, impressions, and conversions will give you clear data about your strategy. 

These are some of the popular digital advertising strategies that most companies follow, however, if you are not able to understand these then you can hire an agency.

Best Digital Advertising Agency In Kolkata

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In the end, we want to tell you that if you’re looking for an honest and reliable digital advertising company to grow your business online then XENMAG is the perfect choice for you. Visit our website and talk with our team, the team will tell you how we can grow your business through digital advertising. 

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