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Pay Per Click expert Strategies

5 powerful PPC Strategies: Become Pay per click expert

More than 32% companies all over the world implement expert Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies & implement Pay per click in business to sell their products directly to their customers and more than 65% user on the internet click ads before making a purchase. Now it’s time to think about this awesome strategy. 

In current times driving organic traffic to websites by doing SEO has become very difficult because of the frequent Google algorithm updates. That’s why most business owners are changing their strategy and starting to invest in a PPC campaign to drive traffic to their websites. 

Now, Let’s understand what PPC actually is? PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an advertising model where the advertiser and user are involved. In this model, as an adviser, you have to pay the fee each time when the user clicks the ad, that is called Cost per click in PPC. This advertising model is one of the most effective online advertising models because, as a marketer, you can control your budget and target a specific audience. 

What is PPC model?

One of the best things about this PPC model is that it will take very little time to give the results compared to the SEO method. If you are able to win an ad bid for a specific keyword then you will instantly see higher traffic on your website. However, running ad campaign and win an ad bid is not that easy at all because you have to optimize your ads properly and you need to outrank your competitors. 

To optimize your PPC ads you need to focus on three main elements the ad elements such ad text, photos, and colors, the landing page, and the keyword targeting factor. In this guide, I discussed some of the advanced strategy that you need to implement to get success in your PPC ad campaign. Now we will describe in depth what is PPC in Digital marketing?

Keywords Research in Pay Per Click

    This is the first and one of the most important steps in PPC. To achieve success in your PPC advertising strategy, you need to conduct thorough keyword research techniques to understand the relevant search terms. This keyword research method will form the foundation for finding the right keywords and finding the right audience. Apart from that, this keyword research method is essential for finding relevant users, cost efficiency, and competitor management. 

    There are several methods by which you can find the keywords for your PPC ad campaign, and below I mentioned some of those methods: 

    Use Google Keyword Planner:

    There are several tools available on the internet but this Google Keyword Planner is a free tool provided by Google Ads and with the help of this tool you can find out which keywords you need to target. This tool will help you to discover new keywords, search volume data, do competition insights, and a lot more. 

    Pay per click tools:

    SEO tools are not only helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but these tools can also help you in your PPC ad campaign. Different kinds of free & paid SEO tools are available on the internet, such as aHrefs, SEMRush, MOZ, UberSuggest, and AnswerThePublic. All these tools will give you in-depth details about a particular keyword and whether you should target a keyword or not.  

    Use the Google Alphabet Soup Method:

    The Google alphabet soup method is actually the process in which we use the search engine itself to find keywords for the ad campaign. To use this method you need to visit Google and search any topic and then use all the alphabets one by one to find the long tail keywords. With this alphabet method, you can easily identify search intent and stay updated with trending keywords. 

    While doing keyword research for the PPC advertising strategy you need to check the negative keywords, these keywords are the keywords that refine your targeting, and using these types of keywords reduces irrelevant traffic and improves the targeting. Only a Pay per click expert can understand this.

    AD Copywriting & Landing Pages

    In your PPC advertising strategy ad copywriting and landing pages play important roles because both these factors gain users’ attention and maximize conversion. The very first thing you need to check here is the headline, you have to use a clear and concise headline that attracts the user and forces them to click. 

    Secondly, you need to focus on the ad description because using engaging language attracts the users. That’s why you will see on most Google ad descriptions that they use texts like “making a purchase” or signing up. 

    Finally, you need to focus on the landing page factor because if the page does not give a smooth user experience and if the page does not align with the ad copy in terms of tone and visuals, then it will not build trust among users. 

    PPC bidding strategy

    The bidding strategy and budget management are third most important parameters that we need to focus on. Focusing on these two factors can make a big difference and help us to achieve the desired results. 

    Primarily there are three types of bidding strategy that you can use, manual bidding, automated bidding, and target CPA. You need to do some experiments with all these strategies and have to figure out which is the most efficient method for your campaign. 

    Apart from the bidding you need to check the budget management factor as well, you have to track constantly which keywords are driving more results, and based on that you need to adjust your budget accordingly. By following this simple method you will get maximum results and get a high return on investment. 

    Audience Targeting in PPC

    Audience targeting is another important parameter in the PPC advertising strategy because it helps to reach specific users apart from keywords based on their interests, behavior, and demography, this increases the conversion rates. Now, let’s understand the demography, interest, and behavior targeting one by one- 

    • Demography Targeting: This filter helps you to choose who sees your ads based on characteristics such as age, gender, and location, By narrowing this filter you will find your ideal client. 
    • Interesting Targeting: With this filter, you can focus on the users who share some specific interest. Suppose you sell sports equipment then by following this filter use can see the people who have an interest in sports. 
    • Behavior Targeting: With the help of this filter you can target users based on their online records such as their past purchases and website visits, by tracking this you sell similar products to the clients.

    Ad Extensions 

    Ad extensions are the additional piece of information and these extensions are essential for our PPC advertising strategy because the additional information makes the PPC ad more informative and engaging for the users. You can use different kinds of ad extensions like site links, callouts, and location extensions to get more clicks. 

    The site links are the special pages of the websites such as product pages or special offers, the callouts are the short snippets of texts that highlight key features and finally, the location address show your business address or a map link. 

    Conversion Tracking & Analytics 

    According to most recent data the average PPC conversion rate for most business is around 6.18% and that’s why conversion tracking and checking the analytics are other essential factors that we need to check for PPC advertising strategy. By tracking this, you can understand what is working for your business and what needs to improve. By focusing on conversion tracking and AB testing, we can get better results; below i explained these terms- 

    Being a Pay per click expert, Firstly we need to track the specific goals like downloads, sign-ups, and purchases, and based on that we will understand which keywords are working, and based on this tracking we can build our strategy. 

    Secondly, we need to analyze the PPC data to check the trends and patterns, and based on this data we can improve our campaign’s efficiency. 

    Finally, we can do A/B testing and compare two elements such as the headline and landing page to use which one is performing better. By comparing the elements we can continuously improve the ad campaign and get better results. 

    What is pay per click price/ cost:

    As a digital marketer, you need to understand the cost of PPC otherwise you can’t optimize your budget and create an effective advertising campaign. In a PPC campaign, you pay when someone clicks your ad and this known as cost per click (CPC). This CPC factor or PPC cost factor is essential because it sets your budget, bidding strategy, quality score, keyword selection, and ad optimization. As a Pay per click expert, Xenmag provides you the best price for runnu=ing your PPC campaigns that actually gives results.


    These are the 5 best PPC advertising strategies that can help you to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales, at the same time one thing you need to keep in your mind is that PPC is an ongoing process that requires experimentation and continuous monitoring.

    Xenmag is one of the best PPC advertising agency in Kolkata that can help to achieve the desired revenue. Once you hire us, our Pay per click expert employees will do the work for you. However, if you implement all the given strategies then you will get the desired results. However, there are some advanced PPC strategies as well, and you can follow them. 

    Always try to target the customers based on their physical location because it will give you a rough idea about how much money to invest. Secondly, you can utilize the shopping ads for e-commerce businesses and dynamic marketing for personalized ad experience. Finally, you need to remarket your campaign means you can re-target the website’s visitors who haven’t converted yet because re-targeting these visitors will increase the conversion rates. 

    To learn more about advanced & secret PPC ad strategies you can visit our official website We are the Pay per click expert agency in Kolkata. we will understand your business needs and then design & run the PPC ads for your business that drives your revenue like never before.

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