XENMAG expects all its internal and / or external business partners, later CPs, to uphold the principles of fairness, honesty and integrity, in all their relationships and in their activities as our adherents.

This Code of Ethics is part of the policies, regulations, procedures and agreements that currently regulate relations between the XENMAG and each Local Partner. Any serious violation of the Code, policy, and procedure, settlement and agreement in place will involve an action and a position of XENMAG in accordance with the same policies and procedures of the group.

The Code of Ethics explains the proper conduct of the activities of our Local Partners, on a practical basis.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics is a mandatory requirement for all our Local Partners at all times.



1.1 Contacts & Communications

and CP:

  1. respect the privacy and the decisions of the persons contacted, at any time, whether this occurs through telephone contacts or other forms;
  2. they will never be able to put into question questionable conduct or illicit, unfair or aggressive conduct when they contact or deal with any other person in relation to XENMAG or the opportunities offered by them;
  3. Explain the opportunities to collaborate with XENMAG, and its benefits, without exaggeration, conceal information, or make false statements;
  4. they will maintain the highest possible level, both in the way of dressing, speaking and the documentation provided;
  5. They will comply with legal provisions and good manners, about the times and times they will seek contacts and appointments.
1.2 Presentation of Opportunities

A XENMAG CP at any time submitting a Business Plan, conducting a course, or a seminar, or participating in an XENMAG event will undertake to:

  1. Do not provide false information about XENMAG’s available financial detail.
  2. Do not issue false or misleading statements about the characteristics of XENMAG products, services and programs This also applies to standards, quality, values, features, accessories, specific uses, merchantability or benefits of any XENMAG product / servic.
  3. Do not issue false or misleading statements about the price of XENMAG products or service.
  4. not adopt any behavior that is such as to mislead anyone, nature, production process, characteristics, fitness for purpose or quality of XENMAG products or service.
  5. not to make false or misleading statements about the need of anybody of the goods or services offered by XENMAG.
  6. Make it as clear as possible to anyone with whom it is discussed that the prospect of having economic rewards by becoming a XENMAG CP is based on the individual performance of the CP itself.
  7. use the official documentation approved by XENMAG , including shapes, materials and other tools.
1.3 Work flow

A CP does not have to, at any time:

  1. take advantage of the disabilities or weaknesses of another person, such as illness, age, tiredness, lack of education or knowledge of the language.
  2. impose orders or requests for XENMAG products with the use of physical strength, harassment or coercion.
  3. refuse to identify, if required.
1.4 Explanation of the Development Plan

When submitting or discussing the XENMAG Development Plan and the benefits that might be available, a CP should generally use the reference material offered by XENMAG and observe the following with regard to the contents of the same Development Plan:

  1. if the forecasts are made with regard to the viability of the Plan, these should reflect what a person average, in the course of business, may be able to achieve under normal circumstances.
  2. if estimates of profits are made, the assumptions on which they are based shall be clearly indicated.
  3. Where there is no previous experience on which to base the expectations of profitability, this should be indicated at the time of submission.

When submitting or discussing the XENMAG Development Plan, a CP should not make false statements about:

  1. any risks that may be associated with the exercise of the activity;
  2. the amount of time the average person has to devote to carrying on this business;
  3. annual expenditure and gross annual income, which an average person, developing this business, could expect, and how to calculate it.


2.1 Authorization Limits

The authorization of a CP is limited. They must inform their XENMAG correspondent of any matter inherent in XENMAG. The CP should not interfere in any decision-making process, without prior written permission from its business referrer.

2.2 Illegal recruitment of CP

XENMAG does not accept intentional CP recruitment of its competitors, or CPs of another reference line of other XENMAG sectors .


As Trademarks, Patent Signs, Registered and Owned by XENMAG and / or its affiliates, like all written material, is under the copyright of XENMAG. The use of trademarks, logos or service marks or the publication of copyrighted material may only be made with the written permission of XENMAG.


XENMAG publishes details of its products in a verifiable, accurate and complete way. A CP must not make statements about XENMAG products or services unless they come from the appropriate official literature from XENMAG, carefully reflecting the information contained in the appropriate literature.


5.1 Promoting a Practical Working Ethics

A CP will have to

  1. either individually or in his / her group, to act according to the Code of Ethics, keeping a lawful, courteous, integrity, always in accordance with the Code;
  2. ensure that you remain well-informed about applicable laws, your work, in addition to the duties of the individual CP, including the facts, policies or public regulations that may affect such work duties;
  3. keep confidential and not use the information that may be detrimental to the activity of another CP.


XENMAG will ensure that:

  1. his employees act in such a way as not to conflict with the legitimate interests of a CP and they shall carry out their duties with diligence, courtesy and professional integrity;
  2. the CPs are kept well informed regarding the applicable labor laws and duties of CPs, in addition to the facts and laws that concern their duty to respect the same job;
  3. there is full cooperation of its employees, with CPs, on matters that concern them;
  4. can act in the best interest of its CPs.


XENMAG and CP accept the Code of Ethics in full and respect its provisions.

6.1 Conformity

XENMAG and CP will guarantee their full compliance with the Code:

  1. in the case of XENMAG for Directors, Executives and all other employees.
  2. in the case of the CP, by himself and the reporters he has reported.

6.2 Management

XENMAG will manage its relations with the CP in a manner conducive to compliance with the Code of Ethics.


A CP should not

  1. sabotage another competing company to XENMAG;
  2. disclose confidential information to unauthorized persons or for unauthorized or non-ethical purposes;
  3. discuss financial aspects of other companies;
  4. encourage another CP to change the reference line;
  5. engage in non-ethical attitudes;
  6. encouraging or inducing any other person to perform unethical attics;
  7. use XENMAG tools, such as documents or CDs, to support non-ethical acts.


A CP, with or without the assistance of a Host, must at all times demonstrate to the Referent that all points of the application for membership have been respected.

8.1 Explanation of the Prospectus

A Sponsor or a Host, I must explain to the Referent, and complete in his / her presence any details of the Membership Model of the CP, so that the Referent may understand that this has been personally introduced by the Sponsor or the Host.

8.2 Membership subject to authorization

The membership model is subject to acceptance by XENMAG, confirming the validity of the application, which will imply the conferral of CP’s role.


If a CP becomes aware of a violation of this Code and wishes to file a complaint with the XENMAG referent, the complaint must be filed in writing according to XENMAG policies and procedures.


“A serious ethical work, part with ME, the leader. As a XENMAG Commercial Partner, I am committed to:

  • Be honest and honest in my relationship with XENMAG.
  • Do all my professional activities in order to improve my reputation and positive reputation established by XENMAG.
  • Present the exact and transparent clearing plan clearly depicting the level of effort required to achieve success.
  • Present realistic income opportunities solely and exclusively in relation to the appropriate invested effort.
  • Present the benefits and information of the business, as stated in the official literature of the Society and my personal experiences.
  • Accept and do my best, all the typical tasks of a CP and referent, including training and development in my organization.
  • Respect all the policies and procedures applicable to my work.
  • Strive to ensure that the people I have presented to you are satisfied with my service and my guide.
  • Answering questions and requests for perspectives, for the people I have submitted, in a correct and honest manner.
  • Always encourage the prospect that they may be the Third Person’s Referrals in turn.
  • It is clear that with XENMAG is offered the opportunity to access a network marketing where my income is linked to my contacts and leadership skills as well as to my own efforts.
  • Dealing with anyone with respect, goodwill and professional courtesy.
  • Do not entice the passage of people reported by other CPs to work under my direction.
  • Do not mislead the XENMAG business in any way.
  • Do not use communications that may be false or misleading.
  • Be fair and just with the people I have reported, and do not use practices that may reflect negatively on myself, my organization, the Company and / or the sector in which I operate.
  • I have to act so as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, frankness and responsibility, because I realize that my actions like a CP with XENMAG have great benefits.
  • Use the information contained on all XENMAG – linked websites for my own and only for personal use and non-commercial.
  • Do not create any unauthorized or illegal website that may blur the image of XENMAG and its affiliated companies.

This is my commitment and commitment with myself, my network, and my company.