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Starting today, having a gem to admire, collect, give or set will no longer be an unrealisable dream. XENMAG, which has its headquarters in India, offers our products, characterized by the exceptionally high quality guarantee of the best professionals in the field. Thanks to a network of experts dispersed throughout the world, you will have the opportunity to purchase the best products at a truly unique price, since XENMAG has succeeded in eliminating all of the intermediate steps, bringing precious stones to your home that have been extracted, cut at the place of extraction and imported to Italy under the direct vision of one of our collaborators, without any other intermediary. And this is how we are able to maintain a price that often seems unbelievable!


The safeguarding of your financial and personal information is one of our highest priorities. For this reason we automatically encrypt all confidential information that is sent between your computer and our server.


When you register or access our site, we verify that Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) or a later version is active on the Internet browser that you are using.


The information is protected through SSL with an encrypted code of a length equal to 168 bit (the maximum length commercially available).


Your personal information is memorized by our server and safeguarded through an effective system of protection, both fiscally and electronically. To further protect your credit card number or the number of your bank account, we do not directly connect servers protected by firewalls to the Internet.


As a business leader in security technology, it uses cutting-edge fraud-protection systems to block cyber criminals.


Our staff includes former law enforcement agents who work with distribution agencies on a global scale to contribute to protection from fraud and identity theft. All transactions are controlled by cutting-edge proprietor models that contribute to the elimination of fraudulent activity.