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How Influencers Make Money- Complete Guide

You might be wondering how influencers make money? Carryminati, original name Ajey Nagar, got a net worth of 4.9 million Rs, is one of the richest influencers in India. It is fascinating to know the earnings of influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. Most of us are aware of how revenue is generated by YouTubers through ads while their videos are playing, however beyond that what is the source of their revenue stream?

Many influencers stream on Twitch or share content on Instagram which are revenue streams as well without having to depend on ads for revenue. This blog aims at focusing on the most common and a few uncommon monetization plans influencers resort to, to finance their campaigns. So lets dive into the points one by one:

1. Subscriptions

Since most of the other strategies of monetization are unpredictable, an ever-growing number of social media influencers would much rather resort to subscriptions. 

On YouTube, you can charge subscription fees known by a different name which is channel membership and on Twitch. Alternatively, you can use a third-party service like Patreon for example.

Subscribers get top-notch content as well as benefits, in addition, regardless of your chosen option.

If you frequent YouTube and Twitch and avail of either channel memberships or Twitch subscriptions or both then avail of both. 

Nonetheless, these social media channels are equipped with partner programs that you can get involved in, to avail of the subscriptions. 

There are two types of programs on Twitch that you can be a part of enabling a revenue stream off of the platform.

Firstly, the partner program, and then the affiliate program as and when you have a fairly good-sized fan following.

When it comes to who has more benefits Partners or Affiliates, it is the partners that can benefit the most however you as an affiliate can still avail of subscriptions on Twitch.

You can avail of Facebook’s subscription fees, however, trials of this function on the platform are underway.

Either you must have followers over a whopping 10,000 pages or over 250 returning viewership and 180,000 minutes of viewership, equating to 3,000 hours. This is how influencers make a lot of money.

2. Subscription Perks

Both Twitch and YouTube subscribers get exclusive sub-badges, beside their names as and when they chat while livestreaming. They get exclusive sub-emotes. We use it in a chat.

Every Twitch creator or YouTuber has their emotes and sub-badge, either self-designed by or by a graphic designer. Subscribers can access special videos and live-stream events as well.

Though most influencers opt for using Twitch and YouTube’s in-platform subscription functions, there are third-party services namely  Patreon that others would rather use.

A superb alternative if you’re still ineligible to monetize on YouTube or Twitch.

It would help keep top-notch subscription content aside from run-of-the-mill content.

3. Advertisement revenue

Influencers upload to Facebook, Twitch and YouTube and earn ad revenue.

This is the most passive and easiest way to earn income, being a social media influencer as no additional background work is required. All you need to do is activate monetization augmenting the views of your videos.

Nonetheless, the means to acquire that capability can be hard. On all three platforms you are required to be a partner or in case of Twitch an affiliate.

As of now, adherence to several varied policies is what they entail for the most part. Meanwhile, Facebook suggests checking the Creator Studio dashboard to find out whether you qualify or not.

For some influencers on Instagram the source of their ad revenue earnings is from Reels, however program is by invitation only and quite an unpopular means to earning income.

Remember that optimal ad revenue earning through YouTube is feasible by creating at least ten-minute videos. This is another way how influencers make money.

4. Affiliate Marketing 

Similar to Patreon subscriptions, affiliate marketing is yet another practical monetization technique both for large and small creators.

That’s because it does not rely on any channel partner programs, therefore you can start anytime you desire. Rather than views, engagement rates validate your success.

Organizations develop affiliate programs as a means of encouraging content developers to provide backing to their services and products as they develop content.

These content developers are handed their affiliate links related to the services and products they provide their backing.

When viewers purchase by clicking on these links, it’s imperative to compensate the developers by paying their fair share of commissions earned typically as percentages of viewer payments.

It’s a simplistic way of generating revenue from services and products that you might want to include as a recommendation in your essay.

Furthermore, you can develop content for promoting affiliate products in particular, like  reviews of products. Starting affiliate marketing is simple as well, as many affiliate programs don’t need you to fulfil any criteria like the number of views or followers count. You simply need to fill out a basic form in many instances.

You can include affiliate links to your Twitch channel page, a link-in-bio page for platforms including TikTok and Instagram and video descriptions on YouTube.

5. Sponsorships of Brands 

As an influencer sponsorship contracts are a key facet to getting greater revenue sources. They are similar to affiliate marketing. They promote the services and products of other organizations and earn a huge load of money, however, they are very dissimilar in many ways. 

Firstly, what are the criteria for sponsorship? Though most organizations are rather flexible with their affiliate marketing campaigns, many like sponsored influencers with a decent following.

This ensures how they (influencers) make money and they get decent ROI on posts that are sponsored, leading to the secondary sponsorship contracts differing from affiliate marketing, resulting in influencers earning their fair share of the earnings.

In affiliate marketing, you will not get a commission until and unless a viewer completes a purchase by clicking on the affiliate link, and in the case of sponsorship contracts, sponsors usually make advance payments to influencers hoping that they will get a spike in sales by featuring in the influencer content.

6. Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are hired as yet another form variant of influencer marketing brands resort to along with sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

This plan is akin to sponsorships and that’s because brands pay ambassadors expecting to feature in the brand content.

However, given sponsorships are frequently one-time contracts, which essentially means brands and creators would typically be negotiating a single social media post at a time or a group of posts, ambassadors are paid by brands for featuring long-term in their content.

Brand Ambassadors could receive the payment in the form of products, a higher commission or a payment deal, which is frequently according to the industry’s average cost per engagement.

As you may have noticed, how influencers make money or can earn their income from varied sources. Keep in mind though a stream of followers doesn’t necessarily make you eligible to be an influencer. 

There are varied categories of influencers. Nano influencers for example, usually have a little over a thousand followers and yet can benefit from  most  tactics mentioned in this post.

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