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10 Social Media (Marketing) Content That A Company Should Follow

A powerful tool for connecting with customers, boosting brand awareness, and sparking deep involvement, Social Media Marketing has emerged for companies. Diversifying your content approach is essential if you want to fully utilize social media and build a strong reputation as a social media marketing company in India.

1. Visual Storytelling:

Shorter attention spans in the age of information overload make it harder than ever for companies to engage their audience and successfully communicate their message. The practice of visual storytelling has become a potent weapon for digital marketers amid the digital cacophony. This essay will explore the realm of visual storytelling in digital marketing, supported by up-to-date statistics and figures that demonstrate its efficacy.

Visually captivating audiences

The human brain can interpret visual information in as little as 13 milliseconds, according to MIT research. This startling speed emphasizes how naturally drawn humans are to visual information. It’s true:

Visual information is delivered to the brain at a rate of 90%. Most of the People (65%) are visual learners.

On social media, visual material is shared 40 times more frequently than other kinds of content. These figures highlight the enormous potential of visual storytelling for drawing in and holding the attention of viewers.

Developing Emotional Bonds

91% people believe that social media connects people a lot. The potential of visual storytelling to develop emotions is one of its most potent features. 

Visual narratives have the power to stir the soul, inspire, or even spur people to action. According to a Nielsen Norman Group analysis,

Images that evoke strong emotions are more likely to be shared.

Brands can build stronger relationships with consumers by creating storylines that speak to the emotions of their audience.

Brand Example

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign employed visual storytelling to question accepted notions of beauty. Their audience responded strongly to the message that was given through their moving movies and striking graphics, which improved customer loyalty, and a social media marketing company should follow this now.

National Geographic’s Instagram: With over 167 million followers, National Geographic’s Instagram account features outstanding visual material. Their images combine narration with stunning imagery to take viewers to various locations across the world.

The “Experiences” section on Airbnb employs visual storytelling to highlight distinctive travel encounters. Bookings are increased by high-quality images and videos that help travellers picture their travels.

2.User-Generated Content (UGC) in Social Media Marketing

Enter User-Generated Content (UGC), a powerful platform for social media marketing strategy that company follows to allow consumers to contribute to the creation of a brand’s story.

The UGC’s Trust Factor

This is a must do for a social media marketing company. Successful marketing is built on trust, and UGC wonderfully makes use of this trust. Stackla’s research found that:

When compared to brand-created material, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to believe user-generated content to be real.

Consumers are 76% more likely to trust peer-shared material than brand-created information. 64% consumers wants brand’s connection.

Engagement Is Fueled by Authenticity

Consumers are drawn to true, relatable, honest material. UGC delivers just that. TurnTo Networks’ investigation finds that:

90% of consumers claim that UGC affects their shopping choices.

UGC can increase conversions up to 161%.

These figures show how authenticity could boost engagement and conversion rates.

Brand Example

GoPro’s Exciting User-Generated Videos: GoPro has made user-generated material a central part of its brand. With GoPro cameras, their users record amazing moments, building up a huge collection of thrilling movies that highlight the product’s possibilities.

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” Campaign urged consumers to post pictures of Coke cans with their names on social media. In addition to increasing sales, this UGC-driven campaign sparked a social media craze.

3.Video Tutorials:

We’ll discuss the value of video tutorials in SMM, backed by stats and evidence that prove their potency.

Video Tutorials’ Effect on Digital Marketing

Tutorial videos are educational films that walk viewers through a particular job or subject. These programs are now valuable resources for businesses and clients in the area of digital marketing. Every Social Media Marketing company follows this. Here are some reasons why they matter:

Visual Instruction dominates

Humans are naturally visual learners. A HubSpot survey found that 87% of customers favor brand-produced videos. Videos are the perfect medium for teaching and learning since the brain processes visual information 60,000 times quicker than it does text.

Creating Trust and Authority

A company may establish itself as an authority in its industry by offering useful material in the form of video lessons. Viewers start to trust and rely on the source when they obtain relevant information from it. According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, 95% of the most effective content marketers prioritize giving their audience value.

Success Stories from Online Videos

HubSpot’s Academy: HubSpot, a well-known provider of marketing software, has an extensive collection of video courses via its Academy. These lectures, which cover numerous facets of digital marketing, have considerably increased HubSpot’s standing in the sector.

The SEO software business Moz hosts a weekly video lesson series called “Whiteboard Friday.” In addition to educating their viewers, these educational films have established Moz as a leading authority in the field.

The Design School at Canva is a graphic design platform that offers several video lessons. Users may learn how to produce aesthetically attractive content from these courses, which is completely in line with Canva’s objective.

4. BTS content (behind-the-scenes) in digital marketing

BTS material, or behind-the-scenes content, has become a popular and genuine method for marketers to engage their audience. The enthralling realm of BTS content in digital marketing will be examined in this essay with the help of recent statistics and information that highlight the medium’s astounding potency.

Increasing transparency and trust

An important component of developing trust is transparency. BTS videos demonstrate a brand’s openness and indicate that nothing is being held back. According to a Label Insight poll, 94% of customers are likely to remain loyal to a company that offers total transparency.

Brand’s success with BTS

“Designed by Apple in California,” says Apple. Apple provided a behind-the-scenes peek at the creation and production of its goods in a video. It evoked strong feelings in viewers by displaying the commitment and skill that went into each gadget.

Tesla’s Factory Visit: Through video tours, Tesla has let visitors see its production facilities. These tours clarify the process of making electric vehicles and show Tesla’s dedication to environmentally friendly transportation.

GoPro’s “Behind the Stunts” Series: GoPro, known for its action cameras, produced a BTS series to highlight the risk-taking feats and stunts that their cameras were able to catch. This material showcased the potential of the product while also being entertaining.

5. Quizzes and Polls

The use of interactive content, a new trend followed by social media marketing company(s), which enables consumers to actively participate, has grown significantly in the world of digital marketing. Two prominent examples of this trend are polls and quizzes, which provide distinctive approaches to drawing in viewers while also compiling insightful information and useful data.

Data Gathering and Audience Analysis

Every response to an interactive survey or quiz yields insightful information on user preferences and habits. Brands may use this information to improve their marketing tactics. According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, 75% of content marketers think interactive material is useful for teaching consumers.

Brand Example

Interactive quizzes have become well-known thanks to BuzzFeed. Millions of shares and interactions have been generated by their quizzes, which include anything from pop culture to personality assessments.

Year in Review on Spotify: Every year, the “Year in Review” feature on Spotify draws in new customers. Users may learn about their favourite artists, genres, and songs, building a personalized experience that they eagerly share on social media.

6. Inspirational Quotes in Social Media Marketing

Inspirational quotes offer brief words of inspiration, encouragement, and positivism. They are frequently credited to famous people or developed by businesses themselves. Here’s why they’re important:

Getting over brand values

Inspirational sayings may be a potent tool for companies to express their ethos and values. Brands may portray themselves as organizations that care about the happiness and motivation of their audience by associating with positive themes.

Promoting Action

Action can be sparked by inspirational statements. Motivational quotations may spur action, whether it’s completing a purchase, signing up for a subscription, or contributing to a cause. According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, 87% of B2B marketers place a high premium on producing content that motivates particular actions.

7. Case Studies of Inspirational Quote Use

The “Just Do It” campaign by Nike, One of the most recognisable and motivating brand slogans is Nike’s “Just Do It” tagline. It resonates with athletes and customers all across the world because it inspires individuals to pursue greatness and exceed their limitations.

Starbucks’ “Meet Me at Starbucks” campaign: Starbucks developed a series of motivational customer testimonies. Starbucks was able to engage its customers emotionally and personally with the help of these tales and inspirational quotations.

Instagram’s #MondayMotivation: For millions of users, the #MondayMotivation hashtag has developed into a weekly source of motivation. Motivational sayings, photos, and tales are shared to get the week started on a positive note. Promotional programs called contests and giveaways reward participants with prizes or benefits if they meet certain requirements or take certain actions. Why they are a great resource in digital marketing is as follows:

8. Giveaways and Contests in Social Media Marketing

Promotional programs called contests and giveaways reward participants with prizes or benefits if they meet certain requirements or take certain actions. Why they are a great resource in digital marketing is as follows:

Increasing brand awareness and exposure

Contests and giveaways frequently demand sharing, tagging friends, or the usage of particular hashtags, thus converting participants into brand ambassadors. We can expand the campaign’s reach greatly. A social media marketing company should not overlook this.

Influence and Shareability

Giveaways and competitions have the potential to go viral on social media. Users are more willing to engage when they observe their friends and relatives winning, which starts a snowball effect.

Success Stories from Giveaways and Contests

Red Bull’s “Stratos” leap Competition: Red Bull organized a competition to send an extreme sports enthusiast to the edge of space for a record-breaking freefall leap. Red Bull’s brand became firmly associated with extreme sports as a result of the campaign’s tremendous buzz and engagement.

When the lights in the stadium went out during the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo grabbed the chance to tweet a photograph with the phrase “You can still dunk in the dark,” which became known as the “Dunk in the Dark” tweet. The tweet’s success demonstrated Oreo’s aptitude for in-the-moment marketing.

 How-To Guides’ Importance in Digital   Marketing

Your Audience’s Education

Effective digital marketing relies heavily on education. How-to guides provide a methodical, thorough way to instruct your audience on a certain subject, commodity, or service. Research by the Material Marketing Institute found that 81% of B2B marketers nurture prospects through instructional material.

Increasing Organic Traffic and SEO

The search engine ranking of your website could be considerably improved by producing high-quality how-to guides. Google recognizes well-structured, educational material that provides answers to consumers’ questions. According to a HubSpot study, 53% of marketers agree that developing blog content is their top priority when it comes to inbound marketing.

Success Stories in Instructional Texts

The “Ultimate Guide to Marketing Strategy” from HubSpot is an essential component of their content strategy. It is a thorough manual. It offers comprehensive information on marketing strategy and is frequently updated to remain current.

Anyone looking to comprehend the foundations of search engine optimization should consult Moz’s “Beginner’s Guide to SEO.” It has enhanced Moz’s position as a thought leader in the field.

“The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing” by Neil Patel The content marketing handbook by Neil Patel offers cutting-edge strategies. It attracts advertisers who want to advance their content strategy.

9. Live Streaming

Ever wondered why CEOs come on social media live. 70% of the people feel a strong connection with the CEO who is active on social media.

Live streaming includes distributing in-progress video material to an internet audience, enabling immediate participation and conversation. Here’s why it has an important position in the world of social media marketing:

Real-Time Interaction

Live streaming eliminates the limitations of conventional marketing by giving businesses an immediate and engaging platform to communicate with their customers. 80% of viewers prefer viewing live video from a company to reading a blog, according to a Livestream poll.

Case Studies of Live Streaming Success

Twitch and Gaming Brands: Twitch, a live streaming service that caters largely to gamers, has grown to be a major player in the sector. To advertise their games or products, brands frequently work with well-known streamers, which significantly boosts sales and enhances brand recognition.

BuzzFeed’s Tasty: To present culinary demos and recipes, BuzzFeed’s Tasty brand has used live streaming. Their live material enhances their pre-recorded films by including viewers in live culinary demonstrations.

10. Memes in Social Media Marketing

Internet users now communicate via memes, which are frequently comical images or videos with amusing commentary. They are a flexible option for digital marketing efforts since they have cross-cultural divides. Memes are the most popular type of material to share and like on social media, according to a Statista analysis. In 2021, more than 55% of social media users reported often spreading memes. In the upcoming years, this tendency will grow.

Brand Example


Particularly on Twitter, Oreo has developed a reputation for making inventive and timely use of memes. They frequently join in on hot topics, adding comedy to their work. “You can still dunk in the dark,” Oreo tweeted during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout, and the message soon gained popularity.


The restaurant chain Denny’s has a unique and entertaining social media character. They provide humorous, occasionally ridiculous content that appeals to a younger readership. They stand apart in the cutthroat food sector because of their unconventional approach.


To advertise its shows and interact with fans on social media, Netflix regularly employs memes and comedy. They post amusing jokes, memes, and relevant stuff about the characters and plots of their shows.


The possibilities are endless, from captivating images that showcase your products to entertaining videos that demonstrate how to use them, from infographics packed with statistics to the comfort of user-generated content and customer reviews, from the intrigue of behind-the-scenes looks to the usefulness of tutorials and polls.

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