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What Exactly is Digital marketing? Complete Guide

According to statistics most software and technology companies these days are spending about 20% to 50% of their marketing budget in digital marketing. Companies are investing in digital marketing because this is one of the growing fields right now and companies are getting huge returns after investing in digital marketing. So, in today’s article, I will explain what exactly digital marketing is and other essential topics regarding digital marketing, so keep reading this article till the end.

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing is using the internet and digital tools to share promotional information with users or customers. It is like using the web to spread the word about a new movie, game, or any kind of tool. Companies use various platforms such as websites, social media, online ads, and emails to talk with the user and tell them what the company is offering. 

This digital marketing field is helpful for companies because it helps the companies to find customers and talk to them directly. When companies apply digital marketing strategies then they are ensuring that their customers are happy and they will return to them. 

Now, we will understand the concept of digital marketing with examples, so there is no confusion remaining in your mind. 

Imagine that you are playing a video game and you want to talk about this awesome video game with your friends. You will talk with your friends about the game and why they should play the game. The concept of digital marketing is exactly doing this but for companies, they want to tell people about their services or products. 

When you are online the companies will show ads or create fun videos or informative articles to help you and tell you what they are offering. 

Why Is Digital Marketing Important For Your Business?

To make your business bigger & stronger digitally you need to use digital marketing strategies and here I have mentioned some of the points why as a business owner you need to use digital marketing

Reaching To More People 

Digital Marketing helps businesses to reach out to more people on the Internet. You can show your business to the people on the internet and tell them what you are offering and people should choose you.

Cost-Effective & Tracking

Digital Marketing doesn’t need a lot of money like other types of offline marketing, therefore you can put affordable amount and still get amazing results. When you work on digital marketing you can see what is working and what’s not, in this way, you can make the things better.  

Engaging Audience & Building A Brand

With a good digital marketing strategy you can build your business a brand so that people will remember you. Apart from the brand perspectives this digital marketing you can keep your audience engaged with your brand. 

Flexibility & Grow Business

In Digital Marketing you can adjust all your plans anytime when you want based on what strategies are working for your business. It will help to grow your business digitally every day. 

These are some of the reasons why a business owner’s digital marketing is important

Types Of Digital Marketing

What Exactly is Digital Marketing? There are different types of digital marketing that companies use and here I have mentioned different types of digital marketing

Social Media Marketing:

In social media marketing companies use different social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram to share information about products or services. In this marketing, you can pictures, and videos to connect with the audience. 

Email Marketing:

In this type of marketing we can send emails to people who have interest in a product that the company is offering. In this way, we can keep in touch with a customer. 


The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a process through which the website of the company ranks higher in search engines like Google. With the help of this process, people find the company easily. 


PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising, it is an advertising strategy through which you only pay money when a user clicks on your ad. This is the way to promote your business in the online mode. 

Affiliate Marketing:

In this type of marketing companies pay other businesses or people to promote the company’s products. When they will promote the product they will get the commissions as an affiliate. 

These are some of the popular digital marketing fundamentals or subjects that every business follows to grow their business. 

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Every business owner is confused about whether they should invest in traditional marketing (radio, street banner, TV ads) or they should invest in digital marketing. According to data of June 2023 60% of marketers across various industries have shifted their efforts to digital marketing. Here we will learn how digital marketing is better than traditional marketing.


In digital marketing targeting an audience can be easy compared to traditional marketing because we can choose whom to show our ads. For example, if we want to sell toys then we can show the ad only to kids or their family members. 


In digital marketing, we can measure the audience which means we can see how many people are clicking on the ads and how many people are buying them.


In digital marketing, we can be flexible with our ads which means we can check which ad is not working and fix it with a new ad. 


Compared to traditional marketing, we can reach more peoples in digital marketing because digital marketing can be seen by people around the world.

Cost Effectiveness 

In digital marketing, you have to spend very low amount compared to traditional marketing and therefore you can use your money more wisely. 

These are some of the benefits of digital marketing and because of these reasons, you can choose digital marketing over traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing Blueprint Or Roadmap For Companies

If you want your company to grow in digital marketing and get success online then you need to follow a digital marketing roadmap for your company. Here I mentioned what digital marketing blueprint you need to follow: 

Firstly, you need to understand who are your customers and what they like? This will help you to make better products and share the right message with the right people. 

Secondly, you need to create a goal for digital marketing because this will help you to increase the website’s traffic or generate more sales. 

Thirdly, there are various types of tools used in digital marketing and based on your strategy you can decide which tools will be useful for your business. Using the right tools will help you to connect with more customers. 

Fourthly, you need to create interesting and helpful content that people should enjoy, the content can be in different formats like images, videos, and blog posts. Creating good content engages the customers with your brand. 

Lastly, you need to check how the digital marketing strategies are working for your business and how many people are visiting the website.If something doesn’t go exactly like our plan then we need to adjust our plan. 

As a business owner, you can follow this exact strategy of digital marketing to get maximum results digitally. 

Digital Marketing Goals For Companies

Businesses apply digital marketing strategies because they want to accomplish some goals for their business. Every company needs to set some goals for digital marketing, so they know what they want to achieve. 

Every company wants to inform people that they exist on the internet so they can easily access their services or products. This can be done through videos, articles, ads, and social media. 

Companies want to sell their products digitally, so digital marketing can help them promote the products and sell the product.

If customers get a good experience with a company then they will tell their friends and family members about the company’s products. So, keeping customer satisfaction on top is the primary goal for companies in digital marketing

Digital Marketing On Social Media

Digital marketing on social media means talking to people online and sharing interesting things on social media. Most companies use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their products. They also chat with the customers and clear their doubts regarding a product. 

In short digital marketing on social media is like a big online playground where you can talk with your customers and share cool things.

Conclusion: 360 Degree Digital Marketing Company In Kolkata

As a company owner if you are thinking about the best digital marketing company then you can choose us. We are a 360-degree digital marketing company located in Dum Dum, Kolkata that will help to grow your business online. 

XENMAG is like a superhero who does many things to make your business on the internet. XENMAG offers services like SEO so that your business shows up on Google when people search. 

Another thing that XENMAG does is help businesses stay connected with their customers on social media. We will share interesting and fun things on social media platforms to keep them engaged and informed about new things. 

We also help to build awesome websites which are easy to use and load fast, so that when users come to your website they get a good experience. 

Overall, if you are looking for the best digital marketing company in Kolkata or in India then XENMAG is best for you. We are like digital helpers for the business by making sure that they look good and reach a lot of people online. 

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